Personal/Commercial Property & Casualty Claims

One of the most important objectives at Parr Law, P.C. is to give clients the information and legal analysis necessary for prompt, cost-effective claims decisions. The firm provides comprehensive support in all phases of personal and commercial property loss claim management, from investigation to examinations under oath (EUO) to litigation, consulting with experts such as forensic accountants, cause and origin specialists, and biomechanical engineers.

At the inception of a claim, Parr Law, P.C. conducts a prompt evaluation of the pertinent facts and coverage issues to determine its legitimacy and value. The Parr Law, P.C. team has successfully handled the investigation and defense of major property losses including arson, freeze-ups, business interruption, natural catastrophes, reported burglaries, Additional Living Expenses (ALE), and fraudulent and exaggerated contents claims.

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